How Active Should I Be in My Chapter?

By Isaac Jenkins

Be one of the most active members in your chapter!

In this simple 2-pager, I discuss opportunities unique to fraternities or sororities that allow your Greek brothers and sisters to see you living out the faith you proclaim. There may never be a time when you're around so many non-believers who can know you so well and also have the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

For more encouragement and insight into reaching every fraternity and sorority with the gospel check out these articles: Nine insights on being a spiritual leader in your chapter, A Light in the House, Would Jesus have joined a fraternity?  

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About the AuthorI surrendered my life to Christ at a summer camp through my church in 1983. I went to college at the University of Arkansas and joined a fraternity. I saw God do some amazing things to the point that one night during the fall of 1989, I decided I wanted to minister to frat stars. I joined staff with Cru in 1990 and was placed at Auburn University where I would meet my wife. After 4 years at Auburn, Meg and I were asked to reopen the Cru ministry at Ole Miss. We have now been at Ole Miss for 26 years. I recently joined Campus Outreach in December of 2000 and continue to minister at Ole Miss. Our three kids, Zac, Gray and Ruthie are all currently in college at Ole Miss. I minister at Ole Miss but also consult with ministries around the nation in ministering in their greek systems.
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